President's Greetings

NIPPON CARBON Management Philosophy ” A company with dream and skill to aim at a society of love and science”

We, Nippon Carbon Group, for more than a century of time since our foundation in 1915, aiming for a rich and ideal society coexisting with love and science under our management philosophy, have been developed varieties of carbon and graphite related products, such as artificial graphite electrodes for electric arc furnace industrialized for the first time in Japan, specialty carbon products, carbon fiber products, silicon carbide continuous fibers, graphite materials for lithium ion batteries, which are value-added products matching with the needs of each time globally, not only in Japan, as a pioneer in the carbon industry. We would continue to devote our experience and know-how in the field of carbon and graphite that we have built over the years and would continue to develop new products and technologies that contribute to the "low environmental impact society" and "efficiency improvement society".

In recent years, our company’s business circumstance has been rapidly changing so we are facing the major turning, especially last year because of the turbulence of the electric arc furnace steelmaking industry due to the adoption of strict environmental regulations in China and the acceleration of introduction of nationwide scale electric vehicles as a measure for environmental improvement mainly in Europe.

We have been promoting the formation of the mid-term management plan with the year 2018 as the first year. However, due to the uncertainty of the artificial graphite electrode market situation caused by adoption of the Chinese environmental regulations mentioned above, we have regrettably decided to postpone formulating it. We would draw up a mid-term management plan as "Regeneration Nippon Carbon Group" within 2018 carefully observing at the surrounding environment. Based on this plan which we consider as a plan for “Post regeneration", we would rebirth ourselves as a corporate group that pursue sustainable future growth and creation while maintaining the soundness and efficiency of management, creating a prosperous society in harmony with people, environment and society. We will strive to "push the business development based on implementation plan and reform mind" as a policy, especially focusing on "quality improvement", "cost reduction" and "strengthen sales ability".

In order to respond to the mandate from all stakeholders, we will concentrate our effort, so we look forward to your further support in the future.

January 1, 2018

Takafumi Miyashita


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