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Company Name Nippon Carbon Co., Ltd.
Headquarters 14-1, Kyobashi, 2-Chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031
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FAX +81-3-6862-6155
President President and Representative Director     Takafumi Miyashita
Founded December 20, 1915
Capital 7,402,770,000 YEN
Affiliated Companies
  1. Affiliated :Nippon Techno-Carbon Co., Ltd.,  Tohoku Techno-Carbon Co., Ltd.,  Keihan Tanso Kogyo Co., Ltd.,  Kyushu Tanso Kogyo Co., Ltd.,  Nippon Carbon Engineering Co., Ltd.,  NGS Advanced Fibers Co., Ltd.,  Central Carbon Co., Ltd.,  Nikka-en Co., Ltd.
  2. Non Affiliated :Toho Tanso Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Employees Consolidated 591 Non-Consolidated 148 (as of January 1, 2017)
Business Outline Manufacturing and sales of carbon products
Main Products Artificial Graphite Electrode for Steel-making Electric Furnaces, graphite powder, CARBOLON®, CCM®, SC CARBON®, CARBEST®, NICAFILM®, high purity graphite for semiconductors & ultra-high purity isotropic graphite, electric brushes, electrodes for electric spark machining, carbon jigs, VESCOAT, carbon products for mechanical Components, high purity graphite for reactors, electrolysis electrodes, carbon components for high temperature furnaces, Carbon Specialty, Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Battery , NICABEADS®, Nicalon™, Hi-Nicalon™,Hi-Nicalon Type S™, RESBON
Locations Headquarters (Chuo-ku, Tokyo), Osaka Branch (Kita-ku, Osaka), Nagoya Office (Naka-ku, Nagoya), Fukuoka Office (Hakata-ku, Fukuoka), Toyama Plant (Toyama-shi), Shiga Plant (Ohmihachiman-shi, Shiga), Shirakawa Plant (Shirakawa-shi, Fukushima), Yamanashi Plant (Ymanashi-shi, Yamanashi), Laboratory (Ohmihachiman-shi, Shiga), Nippon Carbon Korea Liaison Office (Seoul-city, Korea), Nippon Carbon European Liaison Office (Düsseldorf, Germany)


Post Name
Chairman and Representative Director Yoshiji Motohashi
President and Representative Director Takafumi Miyashita
Senior Managing Director Keiichi Miura
Executive Director Hironori Yamazaki
Director Michio Takeda
Director Yuichi Sempo
Outside Director Akito Takahashi
Outside Director Tadashi Tomikawa
Full time corporate auditor Kazuyuki Tachi
Full time outside-company auditor Shigeru Araki
Outside-company auditor Mitsuo Sasaki

About Our Business

Nippon Carbon, since its establishment in 1915, has developed a variety of products featuring carbon's prominent attributes.

Our main manufacturing and sales domains are carbon fiber products used for aerospace technology and general industry, High Purity Treatment Graphite used when producing crystalline silicon, Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Battery, Silicon Carbide Continuous Fibers mainly provided for the aerospace industry, impervious graphite and chemicals used for chemical industrial devices and equipment such as heat exchangers, flexible graphite for the automobile industry, and other carbon products.

We are promoting an international market vision by exporting our products overseas and proceeding with application development in partnership with foreign companies.

Our products are extensively concerned with our daily lives.

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