President's Greetings

NIPPON CARBON Management Philosophy ” A company with dream and skill to aim at a society of love and science”

For more than a century of time since the foundation in 1915, Nippon Carbon group has been operating under its management philosophy of "A company with dream and skill to aim at a society of love and science" and opened up the era as a pioneer in the carbon industry for years as succeeded in industrializing graphite electrode for electric arc furnace, carbon fiber products, silicon carbide continuous fiber for the first time in Japan.
Nippon Carbon would continue to devote its experience and know-how in the field of carbon and graphite that we have built over a century to introducing value-added products matching with the needs of each time globally.

In FY2019, it was the year where Nippon Carbon started the mid-term management policy, "Innovation Plan 2021". As for "Business portfolio innovation" which Nippon Carbon raised in the mid-term management policy, on the growing business such as fine carbon, anode for Li-ion battery, we engaged in expanding the business actively as we developed new technologies, invested in facilities for the purpose of production efficiency.
In terms of "reinforcement of business base", Nippon Carbon has been enhancing the sales network in oversea market, and established the third oversea base in China, following to the subsidiaries in the United states and Europe.
In graphite electrode market, since the global collapse of supply and demand balance, Nippon Carbon reduced production volume of graphite electrode. However, the price of graphite electrode stayed in high level within our plan, we were able to maintain the good result as well.

This year, the business environment for graphite electrode is predicted to be severe as supply and demand situation will continue to be tightened. However, as the second year of the mid-term management policy, Nippon Carbon will pursue the innovation for the aim of establishment of the strong business base that will not easily be influenced by the surroundings, and execute reinforcement of better profitability and sustainable business growth.

In order to correspond with the mandate from all stakeholders, Nippon Carbon will push ahead with reformation of business base and improvement of company value. Nippon Carbon looks forward to your further support in the future.

January 1, 2020

Takafumi Miyashita


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