President's Greetings

NIPPON CARBON Management Philosophy ” A company with dream and skill to aim at a society of love and science”

For more than a century of time since the foundation in 1915, Nippon Carbon group has been operating under its management philosophy of "A company with dream and skill to aim at a society of love and science" and opened up the era as a pioneer in the carbon industry for years as succeeded in industrializing graphite electrode for electric arc furnace, carbon fiber products, silicon carbide continuous fiber for the first time in Japan.
Nippon Carbon would continue to devote its experience and know-how in the field of carbon and graphite that we have built over a century to introducing value-added products meeting the needs of the times all around the world.

In FY2020, business environment became worse due to pandemic of COVID-19 and Nippon Carbon faced difficult year.
Demand for our products decreased due to a large decline in domestic production of crude steel and postponement of capital investment by major industries.
As a result, our performance got worse sharply.

In FY2021, trends in COVID-19 remain unclear but development of several hopeful vaccines are reported and expectation for recovery of economy is rising.
Trend of recovery in semiconductor market is becoming clear from 2nd half of 2020 which is one of our main customers and automobile industry shows signs of recovery so we have been observing market with expectations.

As the final year of mid-term management policy “INNOVATION 2021”, Nippon Carbon will work on reformation with the aim of establishment of business base that will be able to secure better profitability under any economic situation.

In order to respond to the mandate from all stakeholders, we will push ahead with reinforcement of business base and improvement of corporate value.
On behalf of Nippon Carbon, I look forward to your continued guidance and support.

January 1, 2021

Takafumi Miyashita


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