Artificial Graphite Electrodes

The technological development of recent electric arc furnaces has been dramatic, as represented by D.C. (Direct Current) furnaces which have seen the capacity enlargement of both the furnace and transformer allowing us to use higher currents and hence higher powers which enables us to achieve a much higher level of productivity. Since successfully making the first ever artificial graphite electrode in Japan in 1927, we at Nippon Carbon have worked to develop and produce our artificial graphite electrodes to be more mechanically robust and stronger against thermal impacts, so as to meet the tough conditions within high-power electric arc furnaces. At present, we are providing 32” (816mm) diameter ultra-high-power electrodes, the largest in the world.
Nippon Carbon's artificial graphite electrodes are acknowledged for their high quality, being used around the world.

Details of Artificial Graphite Electrodes

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Standard Dimensions / Weight (PDF:460KB)

Tapered Thread Standard Dimensions (PDF:1,008KB)

Nominal Diameter (PDF:933KB)

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