Silicon Carbide Continuous Fibers

NicalonTM, Hi-NicalonTM, and Hi-NicalonTM TypeS

NicalonTM is a silicon carbide continuous fiber that possesses high strength, heat and corrosion resistance even in a high temperature air atmosphere over one thousand degree. NicalonTM brings improved performance opportunities to ceramic, plastic, and metal matrices (CMC, PMC, MMC) as composite reinforcement. NicalonTM is an advanced material that is mainly used in the aerospace industry and applications are expected to expand to other industries.
Next-generation aircraft engine will apply NicalonTM used CMC to reduce weight, increase durability and improve fuel efficiency.

*NGS Advanced Fiber Co., Ltd. (one of our affiliates) administers R&D, manufacturing, and sales of NicalonTM, Hi-NicalonTM and Hi-Nicalon Type STM.

Cloth Processed product


Reinforcement fibers for ceramic composite materials (CMC) and plastic composite materials (FRP) and others.

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