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Impervious graphite (RESBON®)

Impervious graphite RESBON ® is a superior corrosion-resistant material that is produced by the impregnation of resins into artificial graphite. Since the product first went on sale in 1949, we have delivered more than 6000 shells for tube-type heat exchangers and achieved a high evaluation. We also design and manufacture corrosion-resistant facilities.
*Nippon Carbon Engineering Co., Ltd. (one of our affiliates) Manage manufacturing and sales of RESBON®.

Carbon Microbeads (NICABEADS®)

NICABEADS® (ICB, PC, MC-grade) are surface-coated micro bead-shape material produced by carbonizing thermosetting resin in our company's unique process. NICABEADS® MPA-grade is artificial graphite powder produced by pulverizing the pitch and then baking and graphitizing them. The product excels in dispersability, electrical conductivity and chemical erosion resistance, which enables it to be applied for conductive and sliding fillers.


NICABEADS® has three grades ; ICB grade with flat and smooth surfaces, PC grade with pitch based graphite coating on ICB grade and MC grade coated with carbon black on ICB grade. In addition, there's NICABEADS® MPA grade that has a clumpy form.

Average Particle Size
Average Particle Size


NICABEADS® have unique characteristics in addition to the normal attributes of carbon.

ICB, PC, MC, Grade MPA Grade
(1) High Sphericity
(2) Sharp Particle Size Distribution
(3) High hardness
(4) Good Dispersibility.
(1) Clumpy Form
(2) Fine Particle size
(3) Good Sliding properties
(4) High Electric Conductivity

Particle Size Distribution (A measuring example)

Particle Size Distribution (A measuring example)

Flexible graphite sheet (NICAFILM®)

NICAFILM® is the flexible graphite sheet made from natural graphite which is produced by our company's unique manufacturing process. It is a material that combines the features of heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, lubrication, flexibility and sealing properties.
  • NICAFILM® ' s General Physical Properties.

    Article Unit FL-300 Remarks
    Tensile Strength MPa 2.9 0.75 t, following BD1.0JIS-R3453
    Compressive Strength MPa 117.6  
    Thermal Conductivity(//) W/(m・K) 139.6  
    Thermal Conductivity(⊥) W/(m・K) 4.7  
    Electrical Resistibility (//) μΩ-cm 700  
    Electrical Resistibility (⊥) μΩ-cm 30,000  
    Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (//) ×10-6/K 3  
    Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (⊥) ×10-4/K 1  
    Oxidation Onset Temperature 450  
    Ash Percentage wt% Lower Than 3 Following JIS-M8812
    Specific Heat J/(g・K) 1.3  
    Emissivity - 0.7  
    • * These are representative values, not guaranteed values.


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